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What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is turf grass that is created from synthetic materials that are made to look and feel similar to natural grass. The primary difference between artificial grass and your natural lawn is that the artificial turf is more durable and easier to maintain.

What Types of Artificial Grass is Available?

Artificial grass is made from synthetic material that is made to withstand the elements including inclement weather, extreme heat, and intense cold while maintaining its look and shape. Some of the more common material you may find artificial grass made from include:


Nylon is one of the strongest and stiffest piles of the artificial grass brands. Nylon is an excellent choice for artificial grass Scottsdale as it can withstand extreme heat with no risk of melting and also is made to withstand a significant amount of foot traffic. Nylon is not as soft and is often used as a combination with more expensive turfs to give the original turf more durability.


Polyethylene is a popular choice for home owners looking for the most natural artificial lawn for their yard. This type of artificial grass has a softer texture and a bright, vibrant color. Polyethylene is often prevalent in athletic fields such as soccer and football stadiums. The material is resilient, and the only maintenance it requires is occasional brushing or raking to fluff up the blades and help it maintain a full look.


While propylene is the least expensive form of artificial grass, it is also the least durable. It is finer and provides less sturdiness which can cause it to thin out and wear down in higher traffic areas. This material also has a lower melting point which makes it not ideal for areas with extreme sun or heat. Too much heat can cause the material to melt and have a mishappen, unnatural appearance. With thin blades and a light mesh backing material that holds it, propylene is ideal for indoor areas. Additionally, it is popular for putting greens Arizona as it creates a soft roll for putting.

What are Some Applications for Artificial Grass in Arizona?

While there are many uses for artificial grass in the state of Arizona, some of the most popular applications include:

  • Turf for sports – Artificial grass creates a field that stays smooth and consistent under any playing conditions.
  • Indoor nature-based areas – If you have a room or patio in your home, and want to bring the feel of the outdoors, artificial grass can complete the look.
  • A low-maintenance lawn – Residential owners in Arizona, know the difficulty of trying to maintain lawns in high heat.  Repeated maintenance, lengthy watering, and repair can lead to a significant amount of time and money used on a lawn that may be hard to keep looking fresh.  An artificial lawn can give you a well-manicured look all year long with little work.

If you live in the Scottsdale Arizona area and would like more information on how artificial grass can get you the yard you want to achieve or would like to know which type of artificial grass would be best for you, contact the experienced professionals at ScapeTech Landscaping and Design today for more information. Your durable, natural-looking lawn could simply be a phone call away.

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